18 October 2011

D-3 Chess Training at Shiraa

The second chess session at Shiraa Association has come!

We received a special guest today, the Palestine West Bank Chess Champion, Ahmed, so we co-animated the class.
Firstly, we went through their notes taken yesterday, and the children got it all correct :)
Then, we continue on new pieces' movements on the board, with some corresponding excercices. We tried as much as possible to make the kids participate.
So everytime a answer needs to be done, the kid are coming to the chess board to show it. They are very proud of themselves when they find the correct answer.
In order for them to work as a team, we made them play one game on the big chess training board, boys against girls ! For every move to be played, one member of the team was coming to the board. They were quite competitive, and instead of playing on their own each move, they were thinking about it all together.
The boys won the game ...


  1. Coucou Melichat!! How nice to know you are safe and sound and having the time of your life. This trip sounds fascinating. I am sooo happy for you and for all the people who are sharing the experience with you, specially the children who are the main stars in this awesome adventure. And the way you are adapting to their culture is simply remarkable. Keep posting and we will keep enjoying reading this amusing and very educational blog. You should write a novel when you come back!! Stay well, my colleague and friend. Jo

  2. http://www.checkmatesusa.com/chess-pieces-in-arabic/ here you find the names of the chess figues in arabic spelled in English. Que aprendas mucho y ensenyas mucho -:)

  3. feliz estancia y ojalá que las imágenes de gente contenta que llegan estos días de aquella parte del mundo se repitan más a menudo