03 November 2011

D-16 Conversation with an old man

As I was stated in a previous post, the grand father in the family I am staying with, is already considered as an old man, with his 60 years old.

Every evening, he likes to come by, to bring me some sweets and practise his English.

- You know, I have 7 daughters and 5 sons.
- And they all live here in Qattana?
- No, there is one in Jordan, and one in Germany.
- Germany?
- Yes, he moved there to study. I want him to come back and get married here.
- Is he coming soon?
- No... The last time he came, I introduced him to a beautiful girl, but he doesn't want her.
- Really?
- Yes, I really don't understand why ! She is young and beautiful ! I know her family, she cooks very well !
- Hmm, he must have taken the European mentality then ;)
- No, no, no ... I am waiting for him, I have another girl to show him.


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